Welcome Joyce Barker

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The Presbyterian Community Center happily welcomes Joyce Barker, a long-time PCC volunteer and member of Northminster Presbyterian Church, as our newest employee. Joyce works with Brenda Wass in PCC Emergency Services as a caseworker. She interviews clients, determines needs and coordinates efforts to provide support for their needs.

Shortly after beginning her job, Joyce received a card from one of her clients with the following note:

“Dear Ms. Joyce Barker, I want to personally thank you so very much for all you do for our community. Several weeks ago I too experienced the love and support of someone who really cares about people (you.) Please know that you will never be forgotten by me or God! It is so important for you to know how grateful I am for all you’ve done to assist me in my time of difficulty and my promise to you is I will give back as I have been given to. When I left your place of service I felt like I had blessings of God all over my life as well, so please know how grateful I am to have met such a person and a staff of people who really care. Even the receptionist who gave me bread was so kind to me.”

“This,” says Joyce, “is what it’s all about.”

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