Special Thanks to our Pathways Volunteers

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2011 Volunteer of the Year – Joe Lam

We at the Pathways after school program are in awe of the many talented volunteers who help make our program rich with content and fun! We thank our regular weekly tutors and our special mentors, many of whom have been meeting with their young person for years, and others who contribute special content on a weekly or “every-so-often” basis.

Below are some of the unsung heroes who are not on our weekly tutor or mentor rosters, but who add so much:

  • Pastor Bob Fiedler (Covenant Presbyterian) – offers a special Thursday afternoon devotion for our elementary children twice per month, often bringing Bible Stories, puppets, word puzzles, noisemakers… oops!… I mean musical instruments and more;
  • Mary MacMichael – offers fitness instruction, games, fitness videos, jump-rope sessions and many other ways to get our kids moving and in shape;
  • Boy Scouts of America – each Friday afternoon, Scout Master Tremont Anderson presents an outreach-scouting program for all boys in our elementary school group;
  • Judi Barnes – has set up and runs a very special and holy Prayer Room near our high school area where children and youth come in small groups to participate in many forms of prayer. Judi has Bible verses, special art projects, beading, music and even a waterfall to help set the tone and show children how rich and even fun a prayerful life can be;
  • The Covenant Presbyterian Van – along with drivers, George Hales, G.W. Thompson, Kevin McMahon and Mary MacMichael who come and help transport up to 45 children and youth on our various monthly or quarterly field trips;
  • The First Presbyterian Van – offered and scheduled by Lorri at First Presbyterian for designated PCC staff to use for field trips, giving a much needed ability to offer cultural and recreational activities away from the PCC to our entire enrollment;
  • Mike Gartland and the Northview United Methodist Church Van – Mike, known as “Mike-Mike” to our kids, is a former student intern and Pathways staff member who continues to offer help in providing transportation and supervision for field trips, especially our end-of-the year trek to Loch Haven Lake;
  • Belmont Christian Church – in southeast Roanoke, near the PCC, this church generously offers the use of a wonderfully spacious fellowship hall for our annual Pathways Award Banquet, which this year will be held on May 24th;
  • Pathways staff spouses – Patrick Jennings and “T.K.” Keller – provide program assistance, help with transportation, mentoring and general supervision on many of our activities and special events;
  • Awesome Student Interns: Gerrard Grogans, Emily Guilliams, Brooke Leftwich and Selestria Emmons who chose the PCC as their placement in connection with their course of study at Virginia Western Community College under the direction of Annamarie Carroll.

Thanks to you all and blessings upon you for your kind and valuable help!!

by: Tom MacMichael, Director of Family Programs

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