Remembering Patsy Ashe

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Patsy Ashe (r) with Brenda Wass

Patsy Ashe, the Presbyterian Community Center’s longtime and much-loved case worker for the Emergency Services program, passed away on Tuesday, May 8, 2012 after a valiant struggle with lung cancer.

Beginning her years with the PCC as a member of the cleaning service for our building, Patsy, a resident of southeast Roanoke, soon joined the Emergency Services staff, interviewing clients and assisting them with financial aid and food orders. She and Brenda Wass were a dynamic PCC team for many years. After her diagnosis in late summer 2010, Patsy’s remaining days were very precious for all of the staff, volunteers and clients of the PCC. She lived with hope and a “can do” attitude about her battle with cancer. She rarely missed work, taking her chemotherapy or radiation treatments early in the day and arriving at the PCC by mid-morning. When asked about her treatments, she always answered with a smile and both thumbs up.

By April of this year, it became apparent that the cancer would soon take Patsy from us. But, whenever possible, she got a ride to the Center so we could visit with her in the parking lot while she sat in the car, unable to walk down the sidewalk on her own. Even during her last days in the hospital, she was delighted to see PCC visitors.

The PCC will dedicate “Patsy’s Pantry” on Thursday, November 15. We invite volunteers and clients who worked with her to join us at noon that day. I believe Patsy would like this remembrance celebrating her dedication and commitment to the mission of the Presbyterian Community Center.

by Karen McNally, Executive Director

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