Amy MacMichael Memorial Fund

The Amy MacMichael Memorial Fund provides support for older (middle school and high school) children in the Pathways for Youth after-school program to participate in special academic and social activities as recommended by The Presbyterian Community Center.

Tom MacMichael, PCC Director of Family Programs, established this fund in memory of his sister Amy, a teacher, who passed away in 2010 at age 43 after a long struggle with cancer.

The Amy MacMichael Memorial Fund is accessed on recommendations of PCC staff to assist older youth (middle school and high school) enrolled in the Pathways for Youth After-School Program. This purpose of this fund is to:

  • Promote and encourage excellence in education, community service, character development, and the spiritual growth of enrolled youth;
  • To promote and support a positive community of youth at the PCC as a safe and nurturing place to meet;
  • To provide a wider and more diverse base of cultural and educational experiences to disadvantaged students living in the southeast Roanoke neighborhoods served by the PCC;
  • To promote and encourage formation of a positive vision and outlook for the future;
  • To help each youth identify their God-given gifts and to discern their particular life-path and calling.

Allowable Expenses (subject to all policies, procedures and accounting audits of the PCC)
Specifically this fund may be used for:

  • Field trips and activities supporting career exploration;
  • Field trips and activities supporting cultural enrichment;
  • Field trips to visit colleges or other institutions of higher education;
  • Fees for special events and training – such as summer music and art institutes;
  • Fees, housing and other expenses for summer camps and conferences;
  • Special incentives to reward outstanding service and achievements;
  • Other expenses as may be recommended by staff, mentors or volunteers that lead to positive educational, social, spiritual and economic outcomes of currently enrolled youth.
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