Ordinary yet Extraordinary

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Recently, two new volunteers came to the Center for a tour and to see how they could help. One signed up to tutor while the other is scheduled to help with emergency services. Both had a connection…they were referred by Hank Wallace, a volunteer who not only tutors and mentors but who also stepped into unfamiliar territory by starting a bible study group for the Pathways’ parents last fall.

When I spoke with Hank to thank him, he responded, “I love the Center and share the mission with all of my friends.” WOW…my heart just about exploded. As Tracy Chapman has said, “I’ve seen and met angels wearing the disguise of ordinary people living ordinary lives.” These ordinary, yet extraordinary people are present at the Center every day.

Last year, 200 volunteers were at the Center on a regular basis. 247 volunteers came with groups which include Global Youth Day, area youth group events or mission service days. Another 126 short term volunteers rounded out the 573 total volunteers that helped fulfill the mission of serving those less fortunate in our community. 573 ordinary, yet extraordinary angels!!!

While every volunteer who spent time at the Center is special for contributing to our success, space prevents me from listing everyone. Listed below are the top ten volunteers based on their hours spent at the Center:

Joe Lam, Westminster Pres.
Alice Baker (over 25 yrs. of Service), Northminster Pres.
Nancy Poore (over 15 yrs. of service), First Pres.
Pat Minahan, St. Andrews’ Catholic Church
Joyce Barker, Northminster Pres.
Jack Airheart (over 8 yrs. of service), Second Pres.
Mary Dalton, Campbell Memorial Pres.
John Barry, St. Andrews Catholic Church
Jim Curry, (over 8 yrs. of service), Thrasher Memorial UMC
Dale Poe, Christ Episcopal Church
Additional volunteers who celebrate extended years of service to the Center are:
John Hildebrand (over 20 yrs. of service), Salem Pres.
Elise Lanford (over 28 yrs. of service), Northminster Pres.
Sarah Ludwig (over 13 yrs. of service), Second Pres.
Nancy & Ed Lunsford (over 13 yrs. of service), Colonial Pres.
Hazel Moody (over 13 yrs. of service) Belmont Christian
JoAnn Threlkeld (over 15 yrs. of service), Northminster Pres.
Harriet Wood (over 13 yrs. of service), Raleigh Court Pres.

By Cheryl Poe, Director of Volunteers

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