Mentors Make a Difference

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Webster's Dictionary defines mentor as a trusted teacher or wise counselor. Some of our most very blessed Pathways for Youth students can attest to the truth of this description but would certainly add that a dedicated mentor can change a life.

Steadman Soles, a June graduate of Pathways had a long-term mentor who provided enriching activities and the support he needed to successfully navigate his way through school despite some trying circumstances that often threw roadblocks in his journey. Steadman believes that his mentor helped to boost his self-confidence and discover his unique gifts and talents. "It was kind of like having a cheering section. You always knew that person was there to help you along the way." says Steadman. Although he is beginning his own life as a young adult Steadman still keeps in close contact with his mentor and is grateful for the relationship they have developed. In turn, Steadman would like to pay it forward and someday become a mentor himself.

Steadman's experience highlights just one of many successful mentor and mentee relationships that has fostered encouragement and change in the life of a child here at PCC. The number of mentors working with our program is very low this year. We would like very much to find at least ten caring adults willing to work a few hours each month with a mentee from Pathways.

Mentoring does make a difference. We have seen over and over again how our children with regular long-term mentors experience greater success in school and in social settings than those without. We encourage you to think about becoming a mentor to a Pathways child. The time commitment you make can transform a young life. If you would like more information about becoming a mentor, please contact Nicole Jennings at 982-2911 ext. 222 or by email.

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