Math Race Highlights Busy Year for Pathways Elementary Group

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Math has been the theme for our Pathways elementary group this year. Each student is assigned to a team for the weekly Math Race. Competition has been fierce, but our kids have also been fierce in memorizing their multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. In December, the children made gifts for elderly residents of nearby Morningside Manor. To fund the purchase of materials needed, they used their math skills to operate a store for a day at the PCC to sell hot chocolate and other goodies, raising over $400. During Lent the students created a Jesus Tree to symbolize his ministry. Each lesson was represented by a symbol placed on a branch, starting with the Presentation in the Temple and continuing through the Resurrection. The students commemorated the Last Supper by having a Love Feast. Right before spring break, Mount Pleasant United Methodist Church once again hosted an Easter Egg Hunt for the group.

This spring, all Pathways children participated in “R Rules,” a curriculum that teaches life skills to help students manage the present and plan for a future where everyone can live well. Elementary students learned how to shake hands and make proper introductions. They also had a special treat when long-time tutor David Lemon taught them how to tie a necktie.

Mr. Lemon teaching students to tie neckties.

Other fun activities included weekly yoga classes, planting herbs at the urban garden at Morningside Park, learning how to use rhythm sticks, fishing with the Kiwanis Club and attending a Salem Red Sox game. The students are looking forward to an exciting summer, which will kick off with Camp Peaks at Campbell Memorial Presbyterian Church.

Elementary students are excited to learn about yoga.

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