Living in Crisis

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In September, a woman in her late twenties came to the PCC to ask for help with an electric bill and termination notice. She and her husband are the parents of a six-year-old son. Three years ago, the husband had surgery to remove a mass near his heart. Until 2009, they had owned a business, but were forced to close it due to the economic downturn. He was working for another company until shortly after his surgery when he suffered a stroke and began having seizures. Earlier this year he fell and badly damaged his ankle, which will eventually require another surgery. During all this turmoil, the son had to have several teeth surgically removed. The husband is unable to drive and our client must take him and her son to weekly appointments. They have no family able to help financially or with transportation. Because of this, she has been unable to work full-time. Fortunately, her employer has been understanding and kept her working part-time. They are waiting for a decision on his application for disability income. Meanwhile, this couple is living month to month on her income and $190 in food stamps, trying to keep ahead of the bills. The Presbyterian Community Center was able to pay the electric bill, provide them with food and sign up the son to attend the Christmas party at Covenant Presbyterian Church.

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